Brit startled to open seaside bin and find two abandoned pythons – and a third nearby

One seaside town resident had the shock of his life after finding two huge pythons abandoned in a bin.

Police in North Yorkshire have launched an investigation after two large royal pythons were found dumped in a litter bin in Falsgrave, Scarborough on Wednesday 29 June.

A third large python was discovered on some nearby greenery in the area the next day – with all three reptiles said to be in good health and not carrying any injuries.

Andy Turner, General Manager at Sea Life Scarborough, made the shock discovery when he discovered two snakes in the seaside town bin which left him ‘surprised’.

Fortunately, as one of the aquarists is a qualified reptile keeper, he is housing the reptiles at home until they find a new home.

The trio will be looked after for two weeks by reptile keeper Jordan Woodhead, 28, from Sea Life Scarborough, who will make sure they are in good health and will find them a home once they have the all clear.

Jordan, who will be looking after the pythons for the next weeks, told The Scarborough News : “The snakes are quite commonly kept as pets.

“I’m going to keep them for at least two weeks to make sure that they are in good health, that they shed their skin and that they’ve eaten. If there is anything wrong it should show up in that time.”

Although the reptiles are not dangerous to humans as the species are naturally shy – they have the ability to grow between four and five feet long.

However, North Yorkshire police are looking to speak to anyone who may know the owner of the abandoned snakes.

In conjunction with the RSPCA, the police are looking to speak to the owner who abandoned the three snakes with no concern for their wellbeing.

Pc Graham Bilton, North Yorkshire Police’s wildlife crime officer for the Scarborough area, said: “It is very concerning that three large non-native snakes appear to have been abandoned with no consideration for their welfare.”