Logan Mwangi’s killer mum had drastic makeover after son’s murder so she could ‘blend in’

Logan Mwangi’s mother made a dramatic change to her appearance weeks after murdering her son in a bid to avoid being recognised.

Angharad Williamson, 31, was convicted of murdering son, along with her partner John Cole, 40, and the couple’s stepson Craig Mulligan,14, who was identified this week.

During the trial the court heard Logan sustained injuries similar to those seen in car crash victims before his death and was dumped in the River Ogmore near his home in Bridgend.

Williamson was arrested on suspicion of her son’s murder along with Cole and Mulligan and was remanded in custody to await her first court appearance.

Footage taken from ITV documentary The Murder of Logan Mwangi reveals the murderer had bright pink hair upon her arrest Wales Online reported.

But weeks later she was seen with her tresses dyed brown.

The trial at Cardiff Crown Court heard evidence from Joanne Brooks, a serving prisoner at HMP Eastwood Park who was on the same cleaning team as Williamson, who had changed her name to “Angie”.

Ms Brooks said: “She asked me if she knew who she was, had I heard of her.

“I hadn’t heard of her, I didn’t know her name or anything about her and she basically told me why I should know who she was.

“She said: ‘Have you heard of the Bridgend baby, the boy who was murdered and thrown in the river? I was his mother’… It was like she was telling me what she had bought from the shops…she said she was in there for her own protection.

“She said she had been offered an identity change, dying her hair, changing her name, going from glasses to wearing contact lenses.”

She said Williamson told other inmates “the lights would prove her innocence” and after she was charged with murder she called the women on her wing to a meeting.

Ms Brook said: “She stood at the end of the table, she announced she had been charged with murder and asked if we would support her because she was going to prove her innocence and she did not kill her child.”

Later that evening she described Williamson watching Married at First Sight Australia in her cell and eating snacks and laughing.

During her evidence at the trial, Williamson also described being taken to HMP Eastwood Park after being charged with perverting the course of justice.

She said: “I turned up, I got bombarded with abuse from the other girls.

“They isolated me off from everybody…They changed my name from Angharad to Angie and where I had bright pink hair they said: ‘Dye your hair, here are some glasses, change your image, we’ll try to blend you in as much as we can’”.